Profelis Samba Pack
23th August 2023
SambaBox GUI Pack
23th August 2023
  • Fixed CVE-2023-0225, CVE-2023-0922, CVE-2023-0614 and CVE-2007-4559 mitigation
  • Added fix for MS-Windows KB5028166 and KB5028169 patch interoperability.
  • Fixed smbacls and smbquotas
  • Improved FSP performance
  • Improved idmapping
  • Improved net ads lookup usage
  • NSS_WRAPPER timeout fixed
  • xattr schema fixes
  • More reliable samba-dcerpc structure
  • Improved Azure AD replication
  • Engine version upgraded
  • Fixed SNMP issues
  • Fixed directory tree issues
  • Fixed interface audit issues
  • Fixed GPO issues
  • Added Deleted Objects Rescue
  • Added nonsecure NTLM V1 enable
  • Added Site management
  • Added NTDS Connection Objects management
  • Language fixes
  • Cosmetic fixes

Warning: Before installing SambaBox v4.4, SambaBox v4.3 must be installed.
Otherwise your system may enter fail state.

SambaBox Team –

If you need assistance for upgrade let us know

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