Life is Easy With Powerful Integrations

SambaBox offers out of the box integrations to provide flexible administration

Smooth Integration

SambaBox has smooth integrations with most other components in your system. All integrations are proven out-of-box solutions.

SambaBox API for more

SambaBox has its own API (Application Programming Interface) to provide users with more integrations for their in-house development needs.

Two-Factor Authentication

Integrating PassBox with SambaBox enhances security by adding two-factor authentication for directory users. PassBox, designed to work seamlessly with SambaBox, enables users to reset passwords and unlock accounts using secure one-time passwords (OTPs) through various messaging platforms. This integration not only secures user data at a high level but also streamlines authentication and authorization processes, making it a smart addition for businesses aiming to bolster their security infrastructure and improve operational efficiency​.

Single Sign-On

SSO (Single Sign-on) is a technology that allows network users to provide a single set of credentials for all network services. SambaBox has integrated RADIUS service which provides seamless integration with hundreds of systems. SambaBox provides certified Fortinet SSO Integration out of box.

SambaBox SSO
SambaBox 802.1x Integration


802.1.x is a port-based network access control that allows authentication and authorization of devices attached to a LAN port with point-to-point connections. The 802.1x protocol is used for secure authentication on both wired and wireless networks. SambaBox provides 802.1x authentication requirement with out-of-box Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol known short as CHAP.

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SIEM Integration

SambaBox can forward authetication and DHCP logs to any SIEM collector using industry standard Syslog format. Authentication logs provided as JSON format for easy parsing. Local logs are rotating daily and calculates hashes as SHA512 format to provide log integrity.

SambaBox SIEM
SambaBox Firewall Integration

Firewall Integration

Most enterprises integrate their firewall to authenticate users for VPN, Proxy etc. for Single Sign On purposes. SambaBox provides certified Fortinet SSO Integration out of box. SambaBox provides the same protocol for authentication as MS-AD does for smooth migration.

Certificate Authority

Most of our users need their own certificate authority server to secure their network. SambaBox has built-in Directory Integrated Certificate Authority Server to provide master class integration for all components. You can generate your CA certificate or you can upload certificates generated by third party providers.

SambaBox Certificate Authority Server
SambaBox SNMP Monitoring

SNMP Monitoring

SambaBox has its own registred SNMP MIB structure. With SNMP data you can monitor hardware and authantication data from SNMP collector software like Zabbix, Cacti, SolarWinds, GrayLog etc. SambaBox provides secure SNMP using TLS.

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