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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Yes, that is why we have built this enterprise release.

SambaBox supports the 2008R2Forest and 2008R2Domain functionality levels.

You can run PowerShell with administrator rights on your Windows Server and reduce the Functional Level to 2008 R2 using the following commands:

Set-ADForestMode -Identity DOMAINNAME -ForestMode Windows2008R2Forest
Set-ADDomainMode -Identity DOMAINNAME -DomainMode Windows2008R2Domain

Short Answer:

You won’t have a problem if you are not working with Azure.

Long Answer:

Microsoft focused on Azure after the 2008R2 level. The main change is the return of WMI structure instead of the RPC structure.

At this point, changes were made to the system for directing to the DC structures installed to Azure.  Many features were abandoned because of this, and clients were encouraged to transfer to Azure.

You can learn more about the version changes here:

SambaBox supports the 2008R2Forest and 2008R2Domain functionality levels.

SambaBox supports MS Exchange up to 2013. After this version, Exchange changed schema on the fly and started to check weather schema master is MS or not. This functionality is pattented. That is why we suggest to migrate your Exchange to Zimbra or any other enterprise level e-mail server.

Yes! We worked with Fortinet engineers and developed special SSO integration between SambaBox and Fortinet.

With SambaBox you can manage Windows, Linux and macOS, BSD etc.

Yes! We are very proud of our web based GPO management, which is one of kind!

Yes, you can audit all of web administration operations easily and export them as a CSV file.

Of course, if you wish you can manage SambaBox with RSAT.

Please remember, RSAT application will be removed soon. If you need a functionality which you can perform with RSAT but not with our administration interface, let us know.

Yes, without any restriction.

Yes, SCCM can work with SambaBox.

If your 802.1.x system supports AD without any agents, you can use it with SambaBox too. Also SambaBox has built-in RADIUS server. You can integrate your 802.1x with RADIUS as well.

When you promote SambaBox as DC in your environment, existing GPO’s also migrate to SambaBox and serve to your clients.

Yes, during DC migration, system will guide you what to do for DHCP migration too.

Please note that there must be only one DHCP server on the same network. So please stop the existing DHCP server before starting migration.

Yes! SambaBox and MS-AD can work as DC on same domain. 

Yes! You need to transfer FSMO roles to SambaBox first, then you can demote the old MS-AD server.

SambaBox uses its own samba build which is a patched version of open source samba project. We are also sharing some of our patches with community. Most of our patches are designed to enable smooth integration with AD.

No, your clients should work without changes. SambaBox is using the same protocol with Microsoft, so your clients will get SambaBox IP as DC from Global Catalog (GC).

Yes, SambaBox has a built-in Syslog server configuration which allows you to forward Authentication and DHCP logs securely to your SIEM server.

Yes, you can add custom attributes on DC which owns the proper FSMO role.

SambaBox has a LAPS management interface. You can view and manage Local Administrator Passwords on the SambaBox management interface.

Yes! There are two possible ways to install/update applications on client PC:

  1. Salt-Stack
  2. Using GPO

Of course, clients have to support update/install operations via GPO for the second option.

Yes! Also you can do more with using GPO.

After Samba-4.15 version linux clients support some of the GPOs with winbind.

Also SSSD has GPO support.

SambaBox supports all domain clients on Linux.

Winbind and SSSD are most the commonly used clients on Linux.

No, SambaBox uses its own internal LDAP server.

We have a limitation of 300.000 OU’s which is quite enough for now.

Yes, you can use any native AD integration methodology.

Yes, for third party integrations we have an API interface. With this API, you can create native integration with your products.

Not directly. You can use PassBox for SSPR requirements.

Yes! User interface has detailed built-in RBAC roles support.

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