Different use cases

For different organizations


Public institutions use different solutions for their corporate directory needs, such as Active Directory, LDAP, and so on. Authentication services are integrated with other applications and services within the institution. This allows access to a large number of these services to be controlled from a single point. Especially in the case of provincial institutions Microsoft Active Directory is also designed and used in the form of forest, which makes administration and business continuity much more convenient. SambaBox is designed to support the forest structure on the domain and to address these needs of the corporate architecture. As being installed on multiple servers SambaBox supports horizontal expansion and works in active-active mode. Another cluster of SambaBox can be installed in the business continuity center to ensure system operation in case of a disaster.

Corporate Organizations

Corporate organizations use different solutions for their directory needs, such as Active Directory, eDirectory, and so on. Authentication services are set up to work with other applications and services to provide centralized management and reduce operating costs. They also manage their identities with a structure like IDM because of a wide range of other products in use at the same time. SambaBox offers an excellent exchange program that ensures high performance while reducing the costs of corporate organizations. With this program, you will be able to migrate to SambaBox without your data being changed and your users being affected. You can read the Migrate to SambaBox in 4 steps article for details of migration. Corporate organizations that use cloud environments will benefit from smoothly and quickly running as a result of combining local resources and cloud resources with SambaBox.


Universities has very different kinds of needs. Most of them separates academic and student usage. Some of them has different management staff network or system. Main reason to do is security and high license pricing. SambaBox is supporting universities with couple of different ways. 1. We have special educational pricing. 2. We have internship program which students can learn Open Source culture. SambaBox can provide credentials to Eduroam networks painlessly and easily. You can also connect printers, email servers and other required servers authentications both academics, students and staff. SambaBox offers site & services for that kind of needs. You can use SambaBox in different campuses to combine your authenticaton networks.

Cloud & Service Providers

Thanks to hosted LDAP, DNS, NTP services and a user-friendly web interface, SambaBox allows cloud and service providers to offer their customers Directory-as-a-Service ® (DaaS) service. This cloud-based directory solution eliminates the difficulties of LDAP integration and makes access to nearly all authorized resources secure and centrally manageable. SambaBox provides centralized management and authorization that can be used in Cloud applications, VPN connections, and resource access without the need for in-house directory service. Single centralized authorization saves time during first entry, exit and password resets. This cloud-based directory solution is basically a utility for organizations. Data in the SambaBox Cloud is encrypted by LDAPS and TLS during transfer. Account passwords within the directory service are secured at maximum through the one-way encryption by hash and salt mechanisms.

Solution Providers &
Product Manufacturers

For companies that offer special projects to their customers and integrate systems, SambaBox offers both performance and cost-effective solutions. This will help you maximize customer satisfaction while reducing your project and product costs. Whether you host your solution in the cloud or on customer servers, SambaBox delivers the power and flexibility you need. So you can stay focused only on your other components. If you create solutions by using open source coded products, you can also get support from qualified members of the Profelis team for necessary architectural and performance optimizations.

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