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SambaBox 5.0 Unique Features

Migrate to SambaBox in 4 Steps



Download & Install install SambaBox in minutes



Migrate SambaBox as DC to your domain using GUI



Transfer FSMO roles from old DC via SambaBox GUI



Demote your old DC from your domain using GUI

Does it look too good to be true? Try it now to be sure!

How-To Videos

How to Install Exchange on SambaBox 01
How to Install Exchange on SambaBox 02
How to Change Functional Levels
How to Use Hub-Spoke Topology
How to View System Information
How to Generate and Download CSR
How to Activate 2FA for Admin Logins
How to Use EduPerson and SCHACH Schemas (Yetkim Integration)
How to Add DNS Conditional Forwarding
How to Replicate GPO's Between SambaBox's
Configuring W10 for SambaBox&NetIQ AFF
OsX Client Join to SambaBox
SambaBox Fortinet SSO
SambaBox Demote Windows Itself
SambaBox - NetIQ AFF Integration
SambaBox Interface Sync
Pardus Config for SambaBox & AFF
SambaBox Pardus Salt how to?
SambaBox Pardus SaltStack Custom Script

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