Issued Certificates

This screen displays the certificates issued by the Certificate Authority according to the certificate requests.

Issued Certificates

Download CA File

The CA file is required for other clients to consider the self-signed certificate authority as trusted.

It is used to introduce SambaBox as a reliable source for point-to-point SSL encryption processes, which are especially necessary for web browsers.

You can downlod pre-generated ca.crt file using [Download CA File] button.

Download CRL File

CRL stands for certificate revocation list. It is a list of revoked certificates (or more specifically, a list of serial numbers for certificates) and therefore organizations that offer these certificates should no longer be trusted.

You can downlod pre-generated crl.pem file using [Download CRL File] button.

Generate Wildcard Certificate

In a computer network, a wildcard certificate is a public key certificate that can be used with multiple subdomains of a domain. The main use is to secure websites with HTTPS, but there are applications in many other areas as well.

Using the [Generate Wildcard Certificate] button, you can generate a wildcard certificate that can be used in the certificate authority domain created for clients.

Generate Directory Certificate

By default, SambaBox provides LDAP and LDAPS connection over SSL. However, if you want to use a certificate from your own certificate authority for LDAPS, you can make the directory service use this certificate by using the [Generate Directory Certificate] button.

Generate Interface Certificate

SambaBox already has a web interface that works as HTTP. If you want to use the SambaBox web interface over HTTPS (SSL), you can enable the web server to use this certificate by using the [Generate Interface Certificate] button.

After the use of the [Generate Interface Certificate] button, the SambaBox interface will start to serve over HTTPS using this certificate.


After SambaBox starts to serve over HTTPS, it will start to use the same certificate for websocket and other operations. Web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox do not allow self-signed certificates to be used in websocket connections. When trying to connect over HTTPS using a local certificate authority, the monitor part of the SambaBox interface will have a problem connecting. To fix this issue, you need to import the ca.crt file in your web browser.

List Certificate

Previously signed certificates are listed and managed in this tab.

  • [View] button allows you to view the certificate.

  • [P-12] button allows you to export the certificate in *.P12 format.

  • [CRT] button allows you to export the certificate in *.crt format.

  • [Revoke] button allows you to revoke the certificate.

You can view revoked certificates from the Revoked tab. Canceled certificates are written to the CRL file and published.