Centralized Authentication and Authorization

Powered by Open Source

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Unmatched Compatibility

SambaBox harmonizes Windows, Linux, BSD, and macOS seamlessly in mixed-OS environments.

Fortress-Level Security

SambaBox offers top security with features like Certificate Authority, LAPS support, and advanced passwords, ensuring your network's safety.

Simplicity at Its Finest

SambaBox's intuitive web interface simplifies network management from anywhere on any device, eliminating complexity for streamlined control.

Manage every single detail from anywhere.

Access the web-based interface from any device.

SambaBox Dashboard

Plug & Play

SambaBox is designed to be plug-and-play. On average, with a single ISO file it can be installed in the virtual environment, physical server or cloud environment within 2-10 minutes.

More Than Samba Code

SambaBox was developed by Profelis, specifically based on open source Samba codes to operate trouble-free with all clients.

Group Policy Objects

SambaBox continues to offer the same GPO structure for Windows clients. GPOs are fully trackable and editable over the easy to use user interface.

Two-Factor Authentication with PassBox Integration

Integrating PassBox with SambaBox provides enhanced security through two-factor authentication for users. This setup allows for secure password resets and account unlocks using one-time passwords via various messaging platforms, streamlining authentication processes and improving operational efficiency for businesses.

1M+ users authenticate with
SambaBox every day.

Wide range of use cases

SambaBox can be adopted by any organization in any industry.

It provides secure infrastructures for networks.

Governmental Institutions


Secure Networks

Corporate Organisations

Cloud & Service Providers

Product Manufacturers

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