About Us

We're building
the next generation of directory management

Our team is funded by Profelis IT Consultancy.

We have been working on Linux and Open Source technology for decades. We have hundreds of projects in the public and private sector. Some of them are in world's top 10 list. We are very proud of what we have achieved so far.

With this background we decided to develop SambaBox for solving some administrative problems on Linux based systems and open Linux to a wider era.

Our aim is to support open source projects both technically and financially.

Our Values


We have a deep respect for Open Source projects , developers and their attitude.


We as the SambaBox team always care for each other and share our knowledge to create a better world.


Huge thanks to our customers and sponsors. Without them it would be impossible to deliver SambaBox.


We keep our codes open to our sponsors. SambaBox projects and financials are audited by the management board regularly.


Of course we get our inspiration from the pioneers of Open Source. We wish to become an inspiration for the next generation.


We escalated our support service to Profelis Operation Center. They have great team and organization to service 7/24 world wide.

Our History

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