Profelis Samba Pack
9th Jan 2023
SambaBox GUI Pack
9th Jan 2023
  • Fixed CVE-2022-37966, CVE-2022-37967, CVE-2022-38023
  • ldb fold fix for UTF-8 dotted language
  • Samba Python Compression bindings
  • Fix netshare registry
  • Fixed distutils
  • Fixed resolve wrapper
  • Engine version upgraded
  • Added NT_STATUS_LOCKED_OUT to dashboard graphics
  • Added NT_STATUS_LOCKED_OUT to authorization history graphics
  • Added ADMX templates
  • Added description field for computer objects
  • Added exportable (clipboard, csv) interface usage reports
  • Added user management API
  • Fixed bulk import character issues
  • Fixed Samba configuration parameters
  • Fixed some Certificate
  • Authority issues
  • Fixed DHCP lease bugs
  • Interface Role OU
  • Authorization improved
  • Improved session management
  • Language fixes
  • Cosmetic fixes

!!! Reboot Required !!!

Warning: Before installing SambaBox v4.3, SambaBox v4.2 must be installed.

Otherwise your system may enter fail state.

SambaBox Team –

If you need assistance for upgrade let us know

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