Logging Configuration

You can instantly forward the logs (login - logout - incorrect passwords) and DHCP logs that occur in SambaBox to the remote server via TCP or UDP protocol.

Logging Configuration

Perform the following steps for these operations:

  • Select the log to send (Samba or DHCP).

  • Switch Use remote server button to Yes.

  • Select transport protocol (TCP or UDP).

  • Type the remote server IP address.

  • Type the port to be used for the transfer and press the Save button


Remote Server: The server where you will store the logs and used for firewall access if necessary.

TCP (Transmission Control Protocol): It is the protocol used for the purpose of making the connection between computers in small packets and by providing data integrity.

UDP (User Datagram Protocol): It is a communication protocol developed as an alternative to the TCP standard, aiming at a low loss rate, but without checking the data integrity.